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Kranetech Engineering & Supplies Sdn Bhd


Kranetech Engineering & Supplies Sdn Bhd is founded on the belief that the process is equally as important as the outcome – by improving the efficiency and reliability of a work process, the odds of achieving the desired results increase drastically.

That is why at Kranetech, we make it our business to make sure that nothing stands in the way of your productivity and performance.

We are committed to offering innovative and productivity-enhancing lifting solutions for our clients’ precise requirements of material handling in commercial buildings, airports, factories, workshops and residences.

At its foundation, Kranetech strives to help people improve their standards of working and living through enhanced productivity and performance.

Headquartered in the Royal Town of Klang and strategically integrated as part of Kranetech Holdings Sdn Bhd, a leading group in the mechanical and electrical engineering sectors, we are able to synergize effectively with our sister companies and focus on developing the best solutions for our clients.

Our material handling portfolio ranges form engineering and manufacturing to modernizing and maintaining a comprehensive range of industrial cranes, goods hoists, gearboxes, motors, drives, as well as industrial automation solutions. We also offer replacement parts and accessories for many brands, makes, and models of cranes and hoists.

No matter where you are, what we deliver is the same; customized, soundly engineered, and high-performing material handling systems developed to take on the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Globally recognized total solutions provider of smart manufacturing systems and services.


We are committed to providing quality products and innovative solutions that meet our clients’ specific requirements, while fostering a climate where technologies, people, and the environment can thrive.

What we stand for

Kranetech Know-How

A company is as good as its people. With a strong team of technical expertise and knowledgeable staff, you can always be sure of high performance, safety, and reliability.

Engineering Expertise

We work hard and continuously invest in advanced technologies to bring to you exciting state-of-the-art products, and in doing so, we stay ahead of the curve and viable for the future.

Supplies Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to match the high quality of our products with high quality services, always ready to serve with your needs and benefits in mind.

What We Do

We offer a unique combination of the latest material handling equipment and a highly-skilled technical team to provide a comprehensive range of customized solutions for you. Our aim is to deliver total customer satisfaction – a customer-centric approach that has enabled us to attain high repeat customer orders.
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